About ENGRAFFT and the artist behind it

Derek Hanneman wearing the ENGRAFFT On The Mind zip up hoodie and Mental Graffiti Classic cap

Derek Hanneman wearing the ENGRAFFT On The Mind zip up hoodie and Mental Graffiti Classic cap

ENGRAFFT is an artist created, owned and operated, street art rooted clothing and goods line from California. Started by San Francisco born, and raised in The City and Monterey Bay, California mixed-media graphic artist, fashion and graphic designer Derek Hanneman. In 2014, Derek began manifesting the dream of creating more than just a clothing line with his art on it- a unique fusion of his art, clothing, goods and various art forms, artistic roots.. Created for the love of the art and making it functional, with a deep concept that helps tie it all together. In August 2014, after a year in development, ENGRAFFT was started. Now, after 5 years in business, ENGRAFFT passionately pushes forward into the future steadily growing, combining, morphing and evolving in new exciting directions. With Derek putting his heart and soul into every part of the process of building this art infused brand; from ideation, to design, to production, to presenting the finished ‘product’ to the masses in various ways, including weekly setting up shop bringing the ENGRAFFT booth at countless festivals, street fairs, etc.

“ENGRAFFT’s concept and mission is; To establish ENGRAFFT as a unique, different, art infused brand that combines clothing/goods with original, meaningful artwork/“living” art styles and various art forms in concept like living parts of plants being grafted together into a new composite form; art infused, or grafted art clothing & goods. By making the art wearable, aiming to permanently, deeply implant impactful, permeating art into/ onto people’s minds, hearts and bodies. Steadily making a unique mark on the world.

ENGRAFFT’s movement is the “Living Styles Movement”, which is the movement, and transference of these original graphic "Living Styles" of ENGRAFFT- they are my “Fragments”, “Tendrils”, “Graff feeling style”, “Wiredrips”, and “Jagged Curves”- as the art is steadily spread and Engraffted into/onto more and more wearers.